XCube 2.0 Dental Implant Motor System
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Model Number: XCube 2.0
XCube 2.0 Dental Implant Motor System

• Motor speed control from 600 rpm - 50,000 rpm with high power and high torque
• Precision engineered motor is noiseless and vibration free
• With 32:1 geared angle: motor speed is 18-1562 rpm and up to 65 Ncm torque
• With 20:1 geared angle: motor speed is 30-2500 rpm and up to 55 Ncm torque
• Motor sensors for accuracy of speed and torque are constantly verifying accuracy even under heavy loads fro optimal surgical performance
• Locating pin prevents angle rotation
• Sealed motor withstands steam autoclaving
• Accepts all industry standard E-type attachments
• Made in Korea
• 1 Year warranty
• Set come with a choice of 20:1 or 32:1 handpiece
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