VersaWave Dental Laser
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Model Number: Dental Laser
VersaWave Dental Laser
Offer your patients more. With the VersaWave Dental Laser, you can provide a wide variety of procedures for hard, soft, and osseous tissue, including:
Hard Tissue

• All classes cavity preparations
• Caries removal
• Hard tissue surface roughening and etching
• Tooth preparation to obtain access to root canals
• Root canal preparation
• Root canal debridement and cleaning


• Cutting, shaving, and contouring osseous tissues
• Osseous crown lengthening
• Osteoplasty and ostectomy
• Apicoectomy – including cutting a window access to the apex
• Root end preparation for retrofill
• Removal of pathological and hyper plastic tissues from around the apex


• Full, partial, and split thickness flaps
• Laser curettage
• Laser removal of diseased soft tissue within the periodontal pocket
• Removal of granulation tissue from bony defects
• Sulcular debridement to improve clinical indices such as gingival bleeding, probe depth, and attachment loss

Soft Tissue

• Excisional and incisional biopsies
• Exposure of unerupted teeth
• Fibroma removal ...
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