Planmeca ProSensor Intraoral Digital Radiography System
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Model Number: Planmeca ProSensor
Planmeca ProSensor Intraoral Digital Radiography System
Sensor with high durability
• The sensor is available in three sizes.
• The robust sensor cable is strengthened with K evlar, and inside the cable there is only two wires.
• The active imaging area of the sensor extends to the whole surface for maximized imaging performance.
• The sensor can be fully immersed in disinfectant for effectiv e infection control and prevention.

Practical and simple sensor holders
• Planmeca ProSensor comes with XCP positioning kit sensor holder designed by Dentsply.
• The sensor holder guarantees excellent images even in hard to reach areas without compromising the comfort of the patient.
• The holders are fully autoclavable and feature one-piece design for easy maintenance.
• All three holders are color coded for easy identification of image type.

• OS System Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Mac OSX

• Processor 2 GHz or higher RAM 3GB Hard Disk 40GB Ports USB or Ethernet Display 1280 x 1024

• Size 0 33.6 mm x 23.4 mm
• Size 1 39.7 mm x 25.05 mm
• Size 2 44.1 mm x 30.4 mm
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