Panoramic PC-1000 Dental X-Ray Machine
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Model Number: Panoramic PC-1000
Panoramic PC-1000 Dental X-Ray Machine
Product Description :

• Integration with virtually every major office management software available
• Real time image display
• Post-processing feature for enhanced diagnosis (zoom, contrast, archiving, etc.)
• Reduced X-ray exposure - up to 50% by reducing the solid angle of emitted radiation
• Wide viewing field for patient positioning
• Consistent, high-quality images
• Transmit images anywhere
• No operational expenses
• Eliminate film processing
• 0.5mm focal spot provides the industrys best image detail
• 12mm anterior/35mm posterior focal trough minimizes positioning errors and delivers the accuracy you need
• Single switch for all functions streamlines operation for you and your staff
• Precise screw motor drive ensures positioning accuracy
• Operates on a standard 110v outlet
• Easy wheelchair accessibility
• Completely free standing unit does not require floor or wall mounting
• Focal Spot: 0.5mm x 0.5mm
• Rated kVp: 70-90
• Tube current: 6 mA
• Power Requirements: 115 V, 20 amp dedicated service
• Maximum Height: 92"
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