Strato 2000 Panoramic
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Model Number: Strato 2000
Strato 2000 Panoramic with Linear Tomography & Ceph Left

• New revolutionary panoramic/tomographic x-ray system
• The operator can choose between adult and child's examinations, three patient sizes and three dental arches, for a total of 18 different combinations
• Automatic positioning of collimators, fillers and film cassettes, to avoid common mistakes in patient preparation.
• Three centering lights are available for patient positioning, on the sagittal, the Frankfurt and canine planes.
• The motorized column permits accommodation of children, adults and wheelchair patients (total vertical movement 670mm)
• Focal spot of 0.5 x 0.5mm
• 50 to 80 KVP with 2 KVP step
• 4 to 12 mA with 1 mA step
• Cephalometric examination are performed with different film sizes; in this case the collimator is also automatically positioned and the soft tissue filter can be adjusted to the patient, using motorized positioning system
• The keyboard is divided into seven functional areas: patient centering, manual selection, anatomical selection, implant positioning, system control, examination mode, height control v 2 year warranty
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