Visteo Digital Intraoral Sensor Kit
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Visteo Digital Intraoral Sensor Kit
Sensor Specifications:

External dimensions sensor
30.9 mm x 42.9 mm
Sensitive area sensor in size 26 x 34 mm (± 900 mm2)
Sensitive area sensor in pixels 1300 x 1700 pixels
Pixel dimensions 20μm x 20μm
Technology CMOS (Induction) Technology
Theoretical Technology 25 l0p/mm

Comes with:
  • High resolution CMOS sensor with 25 lp/mm theoretical resolution
• 900 mm² sensitive surface
• Visteo connection box
• IPX 7 waterproof standard
• (2) Cables: Positioning Cable and Flexible Cable
• Accessories: Bite Block, Endo Block, and Ring
• Installation and user manuals
• Quickvision imaging software, multi-user licence
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