MyRay Hyperion X9 3D Dental Digital Panoramic X-ray
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Model Number: Hyperion X9
MyRay Hyperion X9 3D Dental Digital Panoramic X-ray w/ 11x8 cm CBCT & 2 Dedicated Sensors

3-in 1
  Panroamics from A to Z - An extensive range of bidimensional examinations also covering specific requirements such as orthogonal projections, bitewing exposures, advanced TMJ views

Cephalometrics is less than a sensor away - To perform cephalometric projections, you can opt for a second sensor, but you are not obliged to because MyRay has also considered offering the relocatable option. By opting for just one sensor, this can be switched to and from the ceph arm and incorporates a no-risk safety device to prevent it being dislodged accidentally.

CB3D Radiography - A straightforward upgrade to volumetric examinations is a no more than a step away from your initial purchase. With 3D capability, one scan generates a wealth of data taking you into a wider realm of diagnostic imaging.

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