Medit Identica Blue 3D Scanner with Exocad Software
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Model Number: Identica Blue
Medit Identica Blue 3D Scanner with Exocad Software
Features :

• Blue Light Technology Blue Light TechnologyThe new Identica Blue Scanner employs advanced Blue Light Technology that delivers superior data quality with improved scanning algorithms. The "Real Blue light scanner" makes scanning even faster and more precise than ever before.
• I.M.V (Intelligent Multi View) Scanning I.M.V (Intelligent Multi View) ScanningThe New I.M.V scanning technology ensures the acquisition of high quality scan data, which makes scanning jobs more cost efficient and increases productivity. Some conventional scanners have adopted dual-cameras but with limited applications for deep and narrow areas. However these hard-to-access areas are no hindrance to our latest development, the new Identica Blue.
• Texture Superimposition Texture SuperimpositionThe features of "Texture Superimposition" will not only speed up the modeling process, but helps you create designs and find margin lines the way you intended.
• Intuitive Scan Process Open and SpaciousThe Identica Blue has a fully open platform where conventional closed-platform scanners do not, bringing the maximum in user convenience to 3D solutions for all your dental applications.
• Open and Spacious Open STLAble to export of scanning data in the open STL format that works on any CAD software

Included Accessories:

• Calibration Panel
• (2) Model Holder Jigs
• Articulated Model Holder (Does not include adjustable plate)
• Multi-die Adapter
• Impression Holder Jig
• Model Holder for Adjustable Articulator Mounts
• Exocad design CAD Software


Light Source : LED, 50 ANSI-lumens
Scanning Area : 80mm  x 60mm x 60mm
Dimension : 290mm x 290mm x 340mm
Weight : 16 kg
Interface : USB 3.0 B Type
Power : AC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz

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