PantOs DG XP Direct Digital Panoramic
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PantOs DG XP Direct Digital Panoramic

• Pant0s DG XP is a digital panoramic X-Ray system of new conception equipped with a specific detector for diagnostic imaging.
• The particular features of sensitivity and resolution of the digital sensor assure consistent radiographic quality.
• Use is straight forward with automatic image acquisition and display on the computer screen.

Blue X Imaging has grown due to a vast experience in manufacturing of dental radiographic systems. Products such as IntraOs 70, PantOs 16 e PantOs DG are known and appreciated at worldwide level. The radiographic system PantOs DG XP here presented is a highly technological product of latest generation.

Panoramic X-ray

• Constant potential high-frequency multi-pulse X-ray generator microprocessor controlled
• Focal spot 0.5 IEC 336
• Technique factors: anodic voltage from 61 to 82 kV, anodic current from 4 to 10 mA, maximum exposure time 15 s
• Source image distance 51 cm
• Panoramic examinations: Adult, Child, Left-Side Dentition, Right-Side Dentition, Anterior Dentition, Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Open/Closed Mouth, Maxillary Sinus
• Weight 200 kg
• Space occupied: minimum height 220 cm, maximum height 227 cm, minimum width 96 cm, useful width 126 cm, minimum depth 103 cm

Digital receptor

• CCD sensor
• Spatial resolution > 5 line pairs per mm
• Acquisition dynamics on 12 levels
• Acquisition area equivalent to 15 x 30 cm
• Computer interface via PCI card
• Application program OrisWin Pan for Windows XP/NT/2000
• Image size as per acquisition 3200 x 1600 pixels
• Storage format BMP or JPG
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