Rodenstock NCT 2000 Tonometer
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Model Number: NCT 2000
NCT 2000 Tonometer
Reliable and accurate IOP measurements are easily obtainable with the new Rodenstock NCT-2000. Monitor the operation of the unit on the 5.7" colour touch screen and the measurement data are displayed clearly and quickly.
Actual operation is extremely simple and accomplished by moving the measurement head towards the patients eye, after which time the instrument takes over to handle the fine adjustments and actual measurement itself. Once the first measurement is complete the instrument will prompt you to repeat the process for the other eye.
Patient comfort has been considered with the NCT-2000 and the instrument emits a very gentle and quiet air pulse to relax your patient as much as possible. Up to three air pulses can be administered to average the readings, in a very short sequence time of 0.1 seconds each.
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