Reichert ORA NCT Tonometer
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Model Number: ORA
ORA NCT Tonometer
Comprehensive Pressure and Cornea Information
• IOPCC (Corneal Compensated IOP) - New IOP measurement less affected by corneal properties.
• CH (Corneal Hysteresis) - Measure of viscous damping in the cornea, providing new indicators for disease diagnosis and management.
• CRF (Corneal Resistance Factor) - Measure of the overall rigidity of the cornea.
• IOPG (Goldmann Correlated IOP) - Traditional IOP measurement for historical reference.

Advanced Technology

• Patented dynamic bi-directional applanation process enables the only direct measure of corneal biomechanical properties.
• Eliminates operator variance by utilizing microprocessor control technology and objective measurement criteria.
• Patient and Operator Friendly
• No chinrest and a soft, quiet air puff make the Ocular Response Analyzer a comfortable, non-intimidating experience for your patients.
• Fully automatic alignment and measurement provides fast, repeatable results, allowing any member of your staff to conduct an exam.

Powerful Software Package

• Enables automatic data capture of all measurements for analyzing trends, treatment efficacy, and diurnal variations.
• Comprehensive patient management database simplifies record keeping.
• Review results for a single patient, or data for an entire group of patients for population statistical analysis.
• Comprehensive printout for hard-copy results.
• Export data for use in other applications.
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