Tono-pen Vet Veterinary Tonometer
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Model Number: Tono-pen Vet
Tono-pen Vet Veterinary Tonometer
    The TONO-PEN VET has become the veterinary professions standard over the past 20 years, this easy-to-use, hand-held instrument provides accurate IOP readings.

    TONO-PEN VET has a lightweight, ergonomic design with advanced electronic measurement technology that enables operators to take fast and accurate IOP measurements with minimal training. The long-life OCU-CEL™ VET batteries help ensure that TONO-PEN VET will be ready to use when needed.

    Sterile OCU-FILM® + tip covers are used to minimise the risk of cross-contamination between uses.

• Easy to read, digital display
• Measuring range: 5 - 80 mmHg
• Long battery life
• Lightweight: 64 grams
• Maintenance-free
• Includes 150 protective covers (Ocu-Film)
• Spare battery
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