The System 5000 Electrosurgery Unit
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Model Number: System 5000
The System 5000 Electrosurgery Unit
With its state-of-the-art technology, the System 5000™ is the industry’s most advanced generator. Surgeons agree that the accuracy, power, and precision of the System 5000™ make it a high performance device ideal for a multitude of specialties as well as general surgery. Additionally, it features easy-to-use specialty modes including:

• General
• Fluids
• Laparoscopic
• Pulse cut
• Pulse coag

Plus, the nine programmable memory settings make set-up quick and easy with the push of a button. The System 5000™ is ideal for general surgery, orthopedics, urology, cardiology, obstetrics-gynecology, plastic surgery, and otolaryngology.
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