LumaCool Whitening System with Mobile Base Assembly
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LumaCool Whitening System with Mobile Base Assembly
The LumaCool Whitening System uses L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode) technology producing a high-speed safe and cool in-office power whitening system. The system whitens both arches simultaneously in less than an hour. So advanced, it uses an optical sensor, countdown patient display window, remote control operation and requires no maintenance. The LumaCool with Mobile Base Assembly comes with a roll-around base assembly, operator's manual, a starter kit with enough material to perform the whitening procedure on 8 patients, complementary marketing materials and a one year warranty.

Included with each system:

• Handheld remote control
• Input power supply transformer 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz/24vdc
• 1 operator's instructional manual with warranty card
• 1 instructional CD-ROM, 12 minute (for office personnel)
• 1 Office Display poster 16" x 20" "for a whiter smile in less than 1 hour"
• 2 mini posters 8 1/2" x 11" "for a whiter smile in less than 1 hour"
• 1 In-office Patient CD-ROM, 4 minute
• 1 package, (50) Patient Handout Brochures (English only)
• News Release for local paper, Ad Slick for marketing
• 1 pad (50) patient Consent Form
• 1 pad (50) patient take-home Instructions
• 1 pair, patient eyewear protection
• 4 each #210022 LumaWhite Plus Single Patient Kit
• 1 each #210023 (4 patients) LumaWhite bleaching paste
• 1 each #210040 (4 patients) LumaBlock paint-on gingival protection
• 1 each #210033 (4 patients) Cheek retractor, medium size
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