Piezo Pilot Scaler Unit
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Piezo Pilot Scaler Unit
Introducing the Piezo Pilot a New Generation of ultrasonic scalers. Featuring state-of-the-art circuitry and a compact modern design, the Pilot is a lightweight powerhouse. The soft-lit dome and removable / autoclavable hand piece sleeves are available in six contemporary colors to adapt to any operatory decor. The unit also features a magnetic handpiece holder that can be positioned on either side of the Pilot or onto any magnetic surface.

A complement to any office decor, the Piezo Pilot™ is a powerful, lightweight, and beautifully designed piezo scaler that allows the hygienist to work quickly and effortlessly. The Piezo Pilot's state-of-the-art circuitry offers a wide range of amplitude settings for regular hygiene procedures and all ultrasonic endodontic procedures, including certain bone surgery applications. It comes with a choice of either four ultrasonic hygiene or four ultrasonic endodontic tips, your choice of either a Universal (P5 Acteon Style) or Metric (EMS Style) handpiece, and is compatible with tips from a variety of major tip manufacturers, including Vista's full line of piezo tips.
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