Delsonic 2000 Piezo Scaler
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Delsonic 2000 Piezo Scaler
• The Delsonic 2000 combines state of the art piezo ceramic technology witha sleek compact design
• Designed to generate regular linear tip movement at the nominal 30 KHz toensure smooth root surfaces.
• Automatic tuning and torque adjustment to achieve efficient yet gentlecalculus removal
• Scaling tip designed by dentists to meet all clinical needs and to ensurethat the water spray reaches the very end of the tip where it is neededeven in deep periodontal pockets
• The Delsonic 2000 is designed to prevent cross infection
• Supplied complete with 3 universal scaling tips, 2 tip replacement tools,3 autoclavable handpiece sleeves, 2 sets of autoclavable control knobs,foot control, water line with in-line water filter and quick disconnect.
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