Deldent Jetsonic 2000M
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Model Number: Jetsonic 2000M
Deldent Jetsonic 2000M Ultrasonic scaler & Air Polisher

• Advanced patented digital circuitry
• Advanced micro-chip feed-back system
• Unique Sensor technology
• Power-Surge Mode Technology
• Designed to accept all "Stack-type" scaling inserts
• Easily removable, fully autoclavable polishing hand piece, control knobsand hand piece holders.
• Features the advanced unique H.S.T. polishing system
• FDA cleared for implant maintenance
• Large volume powder chamber


• Automatically tunes either 25K or 30K scaling inserts.
• Maintains optimum scaling power for all power settiings.
• Automatically activates the selected hand piece without the need for
manual switchover.
• "Double-click" on the foot-switch increases power for removal of
tenacious deposits.
• Continue to work with your favorite insert styles.
• Enhances cross-infection control.
• Prevents nozzle clogging, and generates a gentle and more efficient
polishing action.
• Incorporate this unique H.S.T. system into your implant maintenance
• Avoids the need for constantly refilling.
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