CrystalAir Air Abrasion Cavity Preparation Device
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CrystalAir Air Abrasion Cavity Preparation Device
UltraLow the Intelligent decision.

Our CrystalAir  unique Ultralow feature allows you to treat deeper into dentin without the use of anesthesia.  This unique operating mode centers around the removal of dentin at very low pressures.....down as low as 20 PSI.  Very low air pressures generate no patient sensitivity.  Our equipment removes tooth structure at these very low air pressures. 

Independent adjustment of air pressure and powder flow allows for more visibility, control and patient comfort with less powder usage. This flexibility and control allows the dentist to treat the entire range of cavity design categories, it allows the dentist to remove composite and sealants selectively and to do a myriad of peripherally associated functions.  These range from porcelain repair, casting and crown clean up, cement and stain removal to the extremely important caries diagnostic procedure.

All in all, the CrystalAir air abrasion cavity preparation device is THE cutting-edge and latest word in total and complete control, reliability and user friendliness.

• Power Requirements: 115 volt, 60 hz, 1 amp or 230 volt, 50 hz, .5 amp
• Air Requirements: Clean, dry, 40 psi minimum, -- 125 psi maximum 1.5 cfm @ 80 psi
(276 kPa min. -- 862 kPa max. 42L3/m at 552 kPa)
• Standard Dimensions: 13" W x 11" D x 11" H (33cm W x 28cm D x 28 cm H)
• Operating Pressures: 5 psi minimum -- 140 psi maximum
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