Aquacut Quattro Air Abrasion System
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Model Number: Aquacut Quattro
Aquacut Quattro Air Abrasion System
Advantages of the Aquacut Quattro:

• Conservative, tooth-friendly dentistry. No chipping or stress fractures,
• and minimal removal sound tooth material
• Quick and versatile – reduced treatment times
• Multiple quadrants treatable on a single visit
• A must for modern adhesive dental techniques
• Ability to cut, polish, clean and dry
• Incorporates advanced patented technology


External Supplies: Clean, dry, compressed air, 6 bar (90psi) minimum, 7.5 bar (110psi) maximum. Inlet air supply connection Ø 4mm push-in fitting.

Foot Control: Three-way multi-functional foot valve for cut, wash and dry control. 2m (6ft), three-core pneumatic supply tube.

Output Pressure: Infinitely variable cutting/polishing air pressure between 0 - 7 bar (100psi), controllable via rotating switch and
pressure gauge.

Cutting Media: 53 and 29 micron Aluminium Oxide. Powder rate infinitely variable between 0 and 6g / min (0.2oz) via rotating switch and pressure gauge.

Polishing Medium: Sodium Bicarbonate.


Anodised Aluminium with separate integral powder and fluid channels (both operated by foot control). Nozzles made from stainless steel tube with Tungsten Carbide tip. Handpieces incorporate quick release system for convenient changeover of cutting sizes.
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