Biolase Ezlase 940 Dental Laser
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Model Number: Ezlase 940
Biolase Ezlase 940 Dental Laser

• Lets you place ezlase where you want, without worrying about power cord length or location of AC outlet.

• Makes moving your ezlase between operatories much easier.

• Provides power for a typical day's worth of soft-tissue procedures, or a full mouth whitening.

• Fully recharging an empty battery takes only a few hours.

• Eliminates power cord for a neater, safer working environment.

• Attaches easily - no tools required.

• The ezlase Whitening Handpiece puts the ezlase in a class of its own for versatility and revenue generating potential. Consumer demand for tooth whitening continues to grow, and now the ezlase, besides performing a wide range of FDA-cleared soft-tissue procedures, offers owners the potential for even greater return on investment. The ezlase delivers dramatic whitening results in one appointment when used with Biolase LaserWhite20 laser-accelerated whitening gel.

• Fast, gentle whitening system that works in 20 minutes of gel-to-tooth contact time vs. 60 minutes for ordinary non-laser systems.

• Contoured to treat an entire quadrant of teeth at once, consistently, and comfortably.

• Uses BIOLASE’s proprietary TCIA whitening technology (Target Chromophore In-phase Accelerated activation) to speed results and maximize effectiveness.

• Proprietary handpiece design ensures safety to you and your patient.

• Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

• Elegant, small and extremely lightweight.

• Now you can keep your ezlase conveniently nearby and save precious space in your operatory by mounting your ezlase on a wall or cabinet. You'll want an ezlase wall mount for every operatory, because the ezlase slips securely onto the wall mount in seconds - without tools - so you can move your laser easily from patient to patient.

• Saves valuable space on chair tray, Mayo table, or operatory counter.

• High strength, machined aluminum construction holds ezlase safely and securely.

• Precision slotted bracket holds ezlase firmly in position during operation of touch screen and navigation wheel.

• Helps prevent accidentally misplacing your ezlase.

• Includes screws for attaching easily to most wall surfaces.
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