Dentimax E2V Dental Digital X-ray Sensor
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Model Number: E2V
Dentimax E2V Dental Digital X-ray Sensor
E2V digital Sensor is the latest innovation in digital x-ray sensors by introducing the most user-friendly sensor on the market today. This sensor is designed with the most innovative features including unique grooves, an easy-to-use sensor holder system, plus low radiation exposure making it easier than ever to use. In addition to these features, it is one of the most durable, high-resolution sensors used in dentistry today.

Includes :

• Sensor Size # 2 Digital Sensor (1250 x 1640, 22 µm square pixels) or #1 Digital Sensor (912 x 1368, 22 µm square pixels)
• Sensor positioner
• USB Control Box
• Instructional Video
• 2 year Limited Warranty
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