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According to an increasingly influential segment of the United Conservative Party’s social conservative base, Albertans who have taken to social media to assail an ally of party leader Jason Kenney for the bigotry evident in his comparison of the pride flag to the Nazi swastika are nothing more than “the politically correct, thought policing, left-wing Twitter mob.”

That’s the word from the so-called Wilberforce Project, the anti-abortion group previously known as Pro-Life Alberta, which has been livescoreทีเด็ด working hard below the radar since at least the end of last year to nominate as many UCP candidates as possible to, in its own words, engage in “political advocacy on behalf of the pre-born.”

But apparently the group casts its net a little wider than its principal effort – which has nothing to do with slavery, by the way, despite the group taking its name from livescoreทีเด็ด William Wilberforce, the 18th and 19th Century British anti-slavery campaigner.

The livescoreทีเด็ด recent troubles of Mr. Kenney’s friend John Carpay, for example, were apparently just too much for them to resist.

Accordingly, the group has launched a NationBuilder page under the heading “I stand with John” that includes a petition demanding the UCP “maintain John Carpay’s membership in their party, and stand strong in the face of the left-wing, politically correct, Twitter mob’s attacks against him.”

According to the campaign, when the activist litigator for various social conservative…

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livescoreทีเด็ด Criticism of John Carpay, who compared pride flags to swastikas, called the work of a ‘left wing mob’
Alberta Politics
According to an increasingly influential segment of the United Conservative Party’s social conservative base, Albertans who have taken to social media to assail an ally of party leader Jason Kenney
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